D_019Gianluca Vassallo is an Italian artist based in Sardinia. His work examines social dimensions of art through photography, video and installations. He’s been producing and composing for film, theatre and dance companies for 15 years.

The exhibition “Sapere Avvenire” for Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli (PAN Museum) kickstarted his artistic career in 2010. Vassallo is currently known in the European art scene as one of the emerging contemporary artists to watch. His works are on display at: Kiel Stadtgalerie (Germany), Schauwerk Museum (Sindelfingen, Germany), MART (Rovereto, Italy), Man Museum (Nuoro, Italy) and in various locations throughout Italy.


Foscarini_DV_6_019Twice Light is a photographic and relational art project by the Italian artist Gianluca Vassallo that aims at creating small temporary communities. Under the Twice as Twiggy lamp the artist’s eye tries to make visible the thin line that can unite two persons that do not know each other.

On the occasion of 2015 NY Design Week the project will travel public spaces in different areas of NY City with the aim of creating an intimate communication between strangers. Twiggy is a floor lamp inspired by the ease and flexibility of a fishing rod, designed by Marc Sadler for the Italian lighting design company Foscarini in 2006. The lamp has since achieved a global success and become a design icon.

Foscarini is now presenting a new colossal version for large spaces called Twice as Twiggy.